Non sostare nel tunnel…

Do not stand in the tunnel.

I’ve been learning over the last several years that life is not linear. For the majority of my life I followed the path that was seemingly laid out for me without question. Funneling myself into a four year institution, graduating with a debt fueled degree and entering into the working world.  But I wasn’t satisfied.

I was standing still in the tunnel.

Now, after three years of working in cancer research and taking night classes, I am sitting on an acceptance to my dream medical school institution in the City of Sisterly Love. In the last 12 months, I resigned from my full time position, completed the MCAT, applied to schools, began bartending and traveled to 13 countries.

In the last few months before entering medical school, I moved to the Middle East to spend time volunteering with the vulnerable Syrian refugee population in Lebanon. After spending just a few weeks here, I realized what an impact I could make in the lives of these victims of war. I decided to defer my matriculation to the Sidney Kimmel Medical College for one year to remain in the area. I have received an incredible amount of support and hope to use this page to keep everyone updated on my experiences!